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What is the Crush Your Goals Challenge?
Crush Your Goals Challenge is an intense 5-day event for business owners seeking to accomplish the goals necessary to reclaim their time, work on their business instead of in their business, and scale their revenue from six figures to seven figures utilizing proven shifts. During this virtual training workshop, you'll get hands-on training from Fredrick Bussey and discover the invaluable cheat codes he has taught to countless entrepreneurs that have enabled them to get laser-focused in setting goals, create systems to automate processes, combat complacency and bad business habits, and ultimately earn exponentially more in their business with less time invested. 

Challenge participants also get immediate access to video training materials on building 7-figure businesses and become part of an accountability community of other purpose-driven business owners who will help you maintain the success you achieve in taking your business to unprecedented heights.
Why join the waitlist?
The price for this challenge is $97 for general admission and $297 for VIP, which grants you access to additional interactive coaching with me for an hour each day as well as other bonuses, but we're offering an early-bird discount of $47 general, $147 VIP for the first 20 people who join the challenge on the day that registration opens. Joining the waitlist ensures that you get the reminder notifications you need via email as soon as the challenge opens up on that day and the limited discount price becomes available. The waitlist is 100% free and you are under no obligation to buy anything, 
How many people have you worked with in the past and how have you helped them?
I have worked with more than 1,000 entrepreneurs through keynote presentations, workshops, group sessions, and one-on-one coaching. They have experienced amazing benefits from gaining clarity in their business goals, refining and automating processes, and eliminating burnout by moving from doing everything to delegation, and this has enabled many of them to move from six to seven figures in a matter of months.
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